What I Do


I am a bestselling author, adventurer and publisher. My passion is share my adventures, so that you can have them too, after I’ve done all the work for you. Join me on my adventures, follow my blog and see how I transform my adventures into bestselling books. It’s all there for you to share and see how it’s done.

My Philosophy

I love doable adventures, and than includes publishing my own books. I never let the impossible get to me, it may be too late for me to climb Everest, or sign up for the first Mars colony, but I seek out, execute and write about the adventures that in my reach. My passion is to encourage you to have adventures that take you out of your comfort zone, and then transform them into books, podcasts, video or audio.

My Methods

I realized that I could have a business doing what I loved – having adventures, writing books, and helping people reach their goals! When I write a book, you can be sure I have done the adventure myself. I have self-published for myself and others, so I know the steps, the pitfalls and the exhilaration.

You can follow my adventures, to have an adventure of your own. Yes! You can use my expertise to publish your own book without paying out mega bucks, taking an unpaid sabbatical and selling your kidney. Use my systems to get your legacy out to the waiting world as a book. It’s clear, clean and quick.

My Goals

My goal is to write my next book AND have an adventure. And I want to do it in the open, so that you can see my system and madness! Full transparency!

BUT no system can work without authors and would be authors need content, that’s why I’m writing my next book out in the open.
All you have to do is to follow me, cheer me on, and maybe write along.  So what say you, are you in?

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